Dogs’ Rules on Bed

BEI's posing before sleeping
BEI was posing before sleeping yesterday

Some people say that number one rule for dogs is, “Never let them on your bed, they are dirty with many viruses and bacteria”. Well, I disagree. I say, as I count him as my baby, no dog on bed doesn’t exist in my head. For me he’s the cutest little thing that I feel so lucky to have in the house and also one of my best friends.

I say, as long as we clean our dogs before bed, like the paws, body, and everything else with their wet tissues carefully, why not? There have been so many wet tissues special for dogs to clean the dirt they may have taken when they play outside.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m stingy that I don’t want to buy his bed. He has already got his own bed (I admit it was a gift from my siblings in-law but I did plan to buy it :p ). For me he can choose wherever he wants to sleep, either in his bed or in my bed.

Though honestly, during summer he surely would prefer to stay down on the floor, not even on his bed. While during winter, he would love to also stay with us covered with the winter blanket.

I always put in my mind that I took him not only as a dog, but I also took him as one of my best friends and also a part of my family. And well, that he’s only 5 kgs, he wouldn’t take so much space on the bed.

The point is, I love to feel his small, fluffy, and soft body near me when I’m sleeping. Well, call me crazy but that’s how I think about it, it is as if I was hugging my own baby.

What about you dog lovers 😀 ?

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