Duomo Square in Milan

DSC00078The picture seen in this post is the latest pic I took last Friday at Duomo Square in Milan. It was during one rainy day in Winter. Well, it’s even still rainy until now and it’s predicted to be rainy until Monday morning.

This Church square may be the most famous area to visit in Milan, where usually a big number of tourists come here just to enjoy the beauty of this Majestically built church. This church is not only a praying place where the Catholics come to visit and pray, but it’s also a place where tourists and visitors may enter to just adore its historical and architectural beauty inside.

Not only the church, you can see also a gallery entrance in the picture called the Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele (one of Italian king’s names in the past). In the middle at the inside part of the gallery, you may find a spot where we can spin ourselves for three times, which has a myth that whoever spins there for three times on that spot, will surely have the chance to return back to Milan the next time.

If we ever visit Milan, which is also a global and multicultural city that is also famously well-known as one of the best worldwide fashion cities, this amazing church and the gallery accompanying it at the side are two things worth to visit.



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