What Another Expert Says about Expo 2015 (Interview with Gianpietro Mazzoleni)

We’re also excited to hear the point of view from Gianpietro Mazzoleni, who’s the Coordinator of Master Degree program in Public and Corporate Communication at Faculty of Political Science in University of Milan about Expo 2015 and Young Ambassadors. Let’s read the opinion from another one of Media and Communication Experts.

When did you hear for the first time Expo 2015 and what did you think when you knew Milan would host the event?

It was about 5 years ago in the news. I thought that probably it was a good choice that would be a splendid opportunity to collaborate and involve the academic researchers into some projects, probably with communication and marketing fields worldwide, etc.  It is a very unique opportunity to promote Italy to the world and also to shape a better communication plan in the Expo.

Do you think “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is an important theme? Why ?

It’s surely important as it’s also what’s happening in the world as the population keeps increasing, which are around 7 billions at the moment and they will keep growing. So, the food and the energy issues will be crucial issues. This Expo is a huge event that is bound to raise concern and awareness, and to sensitize public opinion.

The themes and sub-themes of Expo 2015 will be deepened even during the Expo with discussions or workshops. What do you consider the most important in order to find solutions for some serious global issues: sustainability, biodiversity, research & technology for the treatment of diseases and nutrition, food distribution etc ?

Public discussions will be good on the themes and sub-themes to attract the attention of the general  public. Experts and politicians debating about the several issues on the mainstream and social media could also do even more to elicit a widespread, concerned feedback.

Do you think that the Expo will be a positive opportunity for the future of Italy ?

I’m not sure about that because usually Expo is like a major sport event:  once it is finished, people take their interest to something else. To make it a positive opportunity, it has to be more “impactful”, it has to leave a sign in the public conscience.

Recently, The Association of Young Ambassadors Expo 2015 consisting of foreign students in universities in Lombardy was created. Do you think our contribution as young students who are working with enthusiasm to promote the Expo 2015 would be efficient?

It could be if the association is capable to be newsworthy. You have to show that you exist and gain more public visibility and tell more about your activities.

Would you mind giving us an efficient message to either Italians and foreigners to come to Expo 2015 ?

Come to discover and “taste” how creative the different cultures are with sustainable food and energy at Expo 2015.

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