My Personal Opinion for Surabaya Zoo Claimed as the “Zoo of Death”

I’m an Indonesian but I honestly disagree with the deathful events that occured to animals in a zoo in my own country. The zoo’s located in Surabaya, in Java Island. And since few years ago, the zoo has been continuously reported for its cruel treatments against its animals and also the number of animal deaths happening there.

Even worse, not only stopping there, fake promises seem to be just words as the last animal death was reported not so long ago, which was “an African lion was found hanging in its cage” as you can find in the news below:

And this is surely not the only case that happened there, no matter I do personally hope this would be the last case happening there.
The zoo’s highly suspected and even proven to give its animals, or maybe not give but the animals ate themselves as they hadn’t got any choice, plastics. It has been raising rage when some animals were found dead earlier with plastics found in the stomach as their real food, the meat, was sold to black market by some staffs who work there.
Some petitions cursing the zoo and also demanding the zoo to be closed have also been made all over the internet. It sounds too harsh but counting so many animals that have been victims in the zoo, I personally think that the petitions are right.
Here is the latest petition that can be found in demanding the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to close the zoo:
I’m writing this not because I hate my own country and want it to be punished. But instead, I’m writing this to show that no matter Indonesia is often found as one of countries that doesn’t treat its animals so good, there are still so many good Indonesians (And I’m sure it’s not only me) who are respectful to animals and want to protect them.

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