Interview with Rossella Sobrero (Founder and President Director of Koinètica)

Few days ago, I, as one of Young Ambassadors of Expo 2015 got the chance and permission to interview one of my Professors in University of Milan, who is also the Founder and President Director of Koinètica, a famous PR, Communication, Consulting, and Event agency that also focuses on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

During the interview, she kindly let me ask her about her point of view regarding Expo 2015 and Young Ambassadors and then give me the permission to publish it. Below you’ll find the English version of the interview that I did with her.

Interview with Rossella Sobrero (The Founder and President of Koinètica plus Professor at UNIMI)

1. When did you hear for the first time Expo 2015 and what did you think when you knew Milan would host the event?

Of course in 2008, when Milan was able to win over Izmir and was assigned for EXPO 2015.  It was a moment of great exhilaration, a victory thanks to a great project and certainly also the ability to handle the diplomatic dialogue with the other countries.

2. Do you think “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is an important theme? Why ?
The theme is very effective for the future of all as it covers not only the countries that have to cope with the lack of resources to fight hunger .

According to the forecasts of many scientists, the world population in 2030 will reach around 9 billions people with a growth rate that’s never seen. The problems are then to think about food solution, or other issues related to the sustainable future such as energy consumption and raw materials, mobility, etc.

3. The themes and sub-themes of Expo2015 will be deepened even during the Expo with discussions or workshops. What do you consider the most important in order to find solutions for some serious global issues: sustainability, biodiversity, research & technology for the treatment of diseases and nutrition, food distribution etc ?

The research is without doubt the first important. If we cannot  find adequate solutions, we won’t be able to deal with problems such as infant mortality, malnutrition, food chain security and control, etc. As the second most important, I’d put education as it is necessary to invest in a new culture capable of promoting healthy lifestyles.

There will be so many topics that I hope they wouldn’t be only theoretical discussions but also an exchange of experiences and joint projects between different actors and many countries represented at the Expo.

4. Do you think that the Expo will be a positive opportunity for the future of Italy ?
If in the coming months, Italy’s able to move fast in changing pace, certainly yes .

5. Recently, The Association of Young Ambassadors Expo 2015 consisting of foreign students in universities in Lombardy (which I am one) was created. Do you think our contribution as young students who are working with enthusiasm to promote the Expo 2015 would be efficient?

It seems like a good initiative to which I wish you every success.

6. Would you mind giving us an efficient message to either Italians and foreigners to come to Expo 2015 ?

Come and visit the Expo 2015 if you want to understand both what the global issues are and also their solutions, ideas, plus plans for the world’s future.

Let’s hope so!

Original Interview in Italian can be found at

Italian – English Translation by Dewi Wihardja

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