Poisoned French Bulldogs in Criadero D Kasta Kennel in Ecuador

Yesterday I was shocked, sad, and horribly disgusted by a post of my Facebook friend, which is also the breeder of my yorkie terrier BEI, about a kennel in Ecuador where the dogs were poisoned to death with poisoned sausages thrown into the garden from an unknown outsider on New Year’s Eve (the change from 2013 to 2014).

The kennel is named Criadero D Kasta and they are the breeders of French Bulldogs. Just in one night, 12 French Bulldogs had to die terribly from pain of poison. And even worse, the law in the country has no sympathy at all for dogs and it seems dog murders are seen to be a common thing there.

Here is their official page in facebook


and Twitter


I’m personally wondering which sick bastard could do this to innocent creatures who didn’t even understand why their lives were gone in few minutes. I always say that only the human race could kill for money, fame, fun, or revenge and grudge, even to the innocent ones. This horrible tragedy seems to be a total proof 😦

If it was only for fun, that person clearly needed to be checked as he’s clearly mentally ill! But even if it’s for grudge and revenge, does it seem right? That dogs couldn’t even think what they’ve done that they deserved such a terrifying death. They didn’t know what was happening to them and didn’t know what was coming.

If it’s for jealousy, that’s really the lowest reason that a person could ever think to make what they did seems right. I mean, does he seriously consider he’s a human?

To some people maybe they’re just some animals, but to me and I’m sure to many other people on earth, pets and animals are best friends and families.

This is the link to a video made in Youtube and I still can’t think how a human could be so cruel to innocent creatures just because animals can’t think and they are gullible plus sincere.

maybe whatever published and written in the news or blogs or articles can’t bring those lovely creatures back to life. However, for me it’s a must to share and spread this out to more people internationally for a reflection how humans could be so horribly cruel to animals, even if they hadn’t done any wrong and also how a law in some countries can be so unfair to animals just because they are not human.

Even if what I write now couldn’t help so much to the breeder or the dogs’ human family, I just hope they would know that there are so many people supporting them and being sad for them, no matter I know clearly that the sadness is not as much as what they’re undergoing at the moment.

For people who are willing to help in the most possible and fastest way, please help to sign their petitions at




These petitions could be the first steps for a better future for animals and pets there.


  1. Tatiana says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post about the atrocity that occurred in Quito, Ecuador. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word that there is a Twitter account JusticiaDkasta and hashtag #JusticiaDkasta. There is also a page on FB with news and petitions asking the president of Ecuador and the National Assembly to enact stricter laws against the abuse of animals: https://wihardjadewi.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/poisoned-french-bulldogs-in-criadero-d-kasta-kennel-in-ecuador/


    1. Dewi Wihardja says:

      Thanks for the information about the petitions. I signed both petitions and clicked also the facebook page. I will now edit my blog for including the petitions pages and twitter


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