Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)

Chinese Japanese GardenIf I before wrote about Singapore Botanic Gardens which gate is opened 19 hours a day, now I’m writing about my another favourite attractions in Singapore (and it’s free too). They are called the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Not only they are beautiful attractions, they are also very convenient to reach as there’s exactly a green line of subway called Chinese Garden MRT to reach the place.

As interesting as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, these gardens also offer you several attractions such as the Chinese Garden (just like its main name), Japanese Garden, The Turtle Museum (not free but we’ll pay only few Singaporean dollars to enter, around six if I remember well). The Turtle Museum has all types of live turtles to see from the herbivores to the carnivores. Even there’s a giant turtle that has age more than 80 years. It’s also known as Fortune Turtle and people usually throw coins into its pond to ask the turtle to help granting their wishes.

The picture that I attach here above is one of the the attractions in the garden called Pagoda Twins (Twin Pagodas). They have three floors and you can get inside to go upstairs. Below, I also attach the photo of the main pagoda near the entrance that has around 7 floors (if I remember well) that we can also climb up with stairs. I suggest you to climb it as the view from the top is amazing.

tall pagodaThese Chinese and Japanese Gardens plus its Turtle Museum are also a great activity to spend our holiday in Singapore with relaxing moment and wonderful views.

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