Mare Monti (The Mountains and The Sea)

mare monti

This was the pizza that I ate for my New Year’s dinner. And honestly, it tasted awesome. The pizza was one of the results of my restaurant researches to go for New Year’s dinner. I found this restaurant that is called Stop (in English) and it’s located in Milan area, plus it’s very near to the subway stop.

The pizza itself is called Mare Monti. The size is gigantic and it’s called Mare Monti as it means the mountains and the sea (Mare means sea and Monti means mountains). Why is it called Mare Monti or The Mountains and The Sea? It’s simply because the pizza includes amazing seafood ingredients such as mussels and squids plus it adds delicious Mozzarella cheese inside and some fresh tomatoes. Besides, it also adds some ingredients from the mountain such as fresh mushrooms inside.

Honestly, the pizza was too big to finish by myself. But well, it’s a very yummy Italian Pizza using ingredients with high quality, so at the end I managed to finish it. This has become one of my favourite restaurant trips and journeys.

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