La Pizza Mare Monti (The Pizza of Sea and Mountains)

Continuing the journey of lovely healthy dishes, I am now writing for all pizza lovers in the world. This was a yummy delicious pizza that I luckily tasted yesterday for my New Year’s dinner. Located in Milan Area near a subway stop, a pizzeria called Stop has created this lovely pizza to offer to its customers, not to mention that it also has so big portion that actually could even be for two people, but at the end I finished the whole pizza by my own, considering that it’s also a thin pizza.

mare monti it’s called Mare Monti as it means the mountains and the sea (Mare means sea and Monti means mountains). Why is it called Mare Monti or The Mountains and The Sea? It’s simply because the pizza includes amazing seafood ingredients such as mussels and squids plus it adds delicious Mozzarella cheese inside and some fresh tomatoes. Besides, it also adds some ingredients from the mountain such as fresh mushrooms inside.

For any pizza lovers and also seafood lovers, this is really a “must try” dish in the menu.

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