My favourite Healthy Alimentation Cultures and Traditions


As a young ambassador, I’d like to share with you guys that these are my all time favourite healthy alimentary traditions and cultures. From the photo, you can see five types of Asian tea including the Pu-Erh black tea, Cang Wu Liu Bao black tea, white tea, and green tea from China plus green tea from Japan.

From China, my favourite tea is actually the Pu-Erh black tea, which is very famous for its particular flavour and its health benefits such as reducing cholesterol and maintaining body weight plus it also helps to counteract the heavy alcohol consumption effects. Besides, the original Chinese Pu-Erh tea is also well-known for having no expiry date as the older it becomes, the better the quality is.

While from Japan, my favourite tea is always its original green tea. Not only it’s very tasty, it’s also a great drink to consume during cold weather. This type of tea, green tea, is also famous for its health benefits such as preventing some types of cancer including breast, ovarian, or even prostate; and it’s also very beneficial in reducing body fat. Additionally, drinking green tea will also provide us with high anti-oxidant and vitamin E plus C.

Besides the tea types, I also love to consume Shiitake Mushrooms in my dishes. Just like those teas I’ve mentioned above, consuming the Shiitake mushrooms also provides us with health benefits. Based on researches, this mushroom is believed to have anti-bacterial element. Additionally, it’s also believed to be able to help curing cancer as it contains Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) that is used as an alternative medicine for cancer. And if we consume it half-cooked or half-raw, this mushroom could eliminate allergy and rash. Personally, I also love to consume it  as it has amazing taste that sometimes could be also a replacement for real meat.

The last thing but not the least that I’d like to share to you this time about healthy alimentation is oatmeal. Yes, it may not taste great for many people but it could be a great substitution for carbohydrate source. Especially in the morning, it could be a wonderful choice for breakfast to start the day without having too heavy stomach after breakfast.

For its health benefits, consuming oatmeal is well-known for reducing heart disease risk and also  reducing blood cholesterol for its soluble fibers. Eating oatmeal is a good way to maintain a low-fat diet as it provides us B vitamins and also more calories without adding fat into our bodies.

These are some of my most favourite healthy alimentary cultures and traditions that I wanted to share with you this time. Hopefully it could be useful 🙂

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