Universal Expo (Also Known as World’s Fair)

What is Universal Expo? Generally speaking , this is a very huge exhibition called also as World’s Fair and it’s not held every year but only every few years (let’s say every five years). The tradition of Universal Expo was initiated and influenced by the exhibition in Paris in 1844 that brought the theme “French Industrial Exposition”.

After that moment , in 1851 , the first Universal Expo was held in London, UK with a global theme “Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all NationsExhibition”. Then, since this first London Expo, Universal Expo is held regularly at different places and also with different themes.
As this event has become regular, an organization to manage Universal Expo was formed, which is called Bureau for International Exhibitions. This Bureau began to run officially since 1928.

The last Universal Expo was the Expo 2010 in Shanghai with the theme of “Better Life , Better City”. This expo has reached 73 millions of visitors and 192 countries plus many international organizations. The Expo had been held for six months from May 1, 2010 until October 31, 2010 .

After Shanghai Expo, the next one will be held in Milan, Italy from May 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015 and it will bring even bigger theme, “Feeding the Planet , Energy for Life “. Until now, the upcoming Expo in Milan has successfully embraced 141 participating countries and International Organizations such as European Union and The United Nations.

This next Universal Expo in Milan (Expo 2015) has a very crucial theme that is very important for the current global issue about food and nutrition sustainability plus clean water access for all people on earth, considering that there are still 800 millions of people who unfortunately still haven’t got sufficient access to nutritious food and clean water. Besides, the Expo 2015 will also talk about biodiversity as the participating countries will exhibit their alimentation cultures and traditions from their own countries.

It is hoped that with this Universal Expo, which is completely non-commercial and not for trade, we’ll be able to raise awareness worldwide for the basic rights of primary needs such as sufficient access to nutritious food and clean water.

Furthermore, by having The Expo 2015, it’s also hoped that we’d be able to get solution to solve worldwide hunger and lack of clean water access (either for drink or use) as there will be discussions and talks held during the Expo.

This is also one of the reasons why it has been formed an Association of Young Ambassadors of Expo 2015 that include so many young foreign students in Italy, especially in Lombardy region. As this Universal Expo is a huge global event, it’s a great thing to have global young people working together to help succeeding this significant event.

This association, not only to promote the Expo 2015 and its messages, is also a proof that even the world’s next generations such as the youngsters do care about the current global issues.





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