Chinese Tea and Kazakhstan Chocolate

Chinese Tea Leaves and Chocolate from KazakhstanThese are two early Christmas gifts that I received from my foreign friends. They are always my two favourite stuffs: tea leaves and chocolate (well, who doesn’t like chocolate lol).

I always enjoy my tea time, especially when the tea comes from Japan or China. From Japan, I always love their healthy green tea leaves, which is proven to be one of the healthiest drink ever (also effective to prevent cancer). While from China, I always love their black tea, like Phu Er. But the point is, tea time is always my favourite time. But remember, to keep it healthy, drink it without sugar 🙂

And chocolates, I can never say no to chocolates. They are healthy, delicious, and yummy. Well, even I love them more when they put some almonds or hazelnuts inside the chocolates 🙂

Chocolates are always my “must have” snack in my bag whenever I go, especially during fresh and cold season like Autumn and Winter.



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