Calabrian Chili – Spicy Food Lover

Pepe Calabrese

If there’s other thing I should tell about myself is that I’m one freak spicy food lover.  And not just some spicy food lover, what I mean with spicy is real spicy that usually many people don’t even bother to try.

I’m often told, “Do you eat food with Chili or Chili with food?” Just different order in the sentence but it means totally different. Yes, usually I add chili into my meal that even many people think that the chili I add is too much that it’s more suitable if it’s said I add food to my chili.

Actually, when I moved to Italy, this was one of my concerns, believe it or not, if I would ever find a chili type as spicy as those I always find in my home-country, Indonesia. Honestly, since I’m living in the North of Italy, I can’t say much about the chili here. I was so doubtful about Italian chili that I thought I could never find a great chili at all here.

But that was before I found the Calabrian Chili. When I found this chili from the South of Italy, my view changed. I think, this chili is awesome and can solve my problem of not finding the spicy level I’m adapted to.

Yes, I guarantee you. For you who also love spicy food, this is a chili that you should try. Not only that it’s as spicy as many Asian or African or any South American Chili, it also gives us a particular delicious and tasty flavour, special from its origin.

So far of my 2.5 years living in Italy, this is my most favourite Italian chili ever.

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