The Presentation of Indonesian and Albanese Young Ambassadors about Expo 2015 and Milan

Here is my own presentation in Italian language along with my colleague from Albania to express our views about Expo 2015 in Milan and the city itself that is very multicultural with global citizens from many countries of the world.

Our points in the video for non-Italian speakers are that this Expo will host for more than a hundred (around 139 countries) with a very important theme on sustainabilty and bio-diversity on food and nutrition, which will be very important for our future and the next generation.

My collegue also expressed her opinion that she’s very fascinated with Italian culture and lifestyle plus Italian famous dishes, that have made her come in Italy. She’s also very excited about this coming Expo as she can tell about this to her friends and family to come and see this great event with her.

I know the video is in Italian. But we’d like to share with you all as I’m very proud that I could be one of the young ambassadors selected.

The event is important like all Universal Expo (which was previously in Shanghai in 2010 with the theme, better city, better life). This time, the theme will be Nourish and Feed our planet. This event will be one of the most important events happening in 2015 and it’s not an event to skip.

Hope you enjoy the video and thank for your time.

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