What We Must Remember as Dog Owners and Lovers

Dogs are humans’ best friends. This makes us want them to be a part of our family. Dogs make us happy with their actions, console us when we are sad, protect us, and alert us when intruders break into our house.

However, we often forget some basic things before we get a dog. As a dog owner, I’ll list three simple things to remember before we decide to get a dog. Let’s see.

First of all, choose the breed. I’m not saying that we should always choose a pure breed. However, if we want a pure breed, we must make sure that we know enough to decide if it is the right breed for us. The first step is evaluating the size of our house or apartment to decide the size of the dog we’ll get.

If we have a small apartment or house without private yard, it’s quite unwise to choose a large dog breed as the dog can suffer from lack of space and exercises. Large dog breeds include dogs that weigh more than 20 kilograms.

Another step to consider when we want to choose the breed is evaluating the trainability. We have to evaluate the level of trainability, if the breed is easily trainable or if it needs expert to train.

If we have no experience in training a dog or if we are just about to get our first dog, it’s not advisable to get a dog that needs expert to train just because we love the breed and want it just because it looks cool or beautiful. For example, if we choose a dog breed that has already been declared  to have agressive nature by dog experts.

In my personal experience, my first three favourite breeds are Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, and Alaskan Malamute. However, I didn’t get any of those after I had given deeper thought for the space and exercises the dog would need.

First, these dogs are all large breeds and second, the last two breeds on my list need good training that can’t be handled by a beginner as I am. Golden Retriever may be the best breed believed to have well-behaved nature; but, Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute clearly need good training from non-beginner owners or experts.

Unfortunately, we often just choose the breeds that we just want without thinking much. This is a wrong perception as third-party may get harmed because of our lack of consciousness. For example, we can see many dog attacks that had happened earlier. Those attacks might have happened due to the lack of awareness from the owners.

Even if at the end we still want to get the dog breed we want, we must make sure that we can hire a professional dog trainer that is a real expert in his or her field to train our dog if we can’t do it ourselves.

Second, after choosing the dog breed and getting the dog, we must also realize that dogs need to walk outside to pee and to poop. When our dogs poop outside, we need to remember to pick and throw their stools away. It’s uneducated if we just let them on the street without picking them up and throwing them away.

We may think, “The stools are not that much”. If we all think that way, imagine all the stools that cover our city. It’s never our dogs’ fault. So, we shouldn’t make others hate our dogs just because we are lazy to throw the stools away.

Third thing we should remember is never abandon our dogs, either in the street or at dog shelters. Also, try our best not to give them away just because we are bored, the dogs are old, or maybe we suddenly have babies. After many beautiful moments we share with them, it’s heartless just to let our dogs go.

Dogs are not toys that don’t have feelings. We take dogs as a part of family. If we love them as family members, we’ll stay forever with them because family remains as family. Sometimes, we also use allergy issue as the reason for abandoning or giving away our dogs.

But remember, no matter others may not know, we know deep down in our heart if this is really the issue or we just want to avoid negative judgment from others.

The three things listed above are just three simple things we must know as dog owners and lovers. So, let’s try to do our best.

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