Tuscan Cheeses


As I’ve mentioned earlier, cheese is an important alimentation in Italian culture.

Not only providing various cheeses, Italians also produce wonderful flavours of cheeses hard to find in any other countries in the world.

Today I present to you some of the cheeses from the Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy (with so many beautiful cities inside like Pisa, Florence, Siena, etc)

As we have known, cheeses are one of the healthiest alimentations that can help maintaining our health. It’s rich of calcium for our teeth and bones, protein, and it can also maintain the beauty and youth of our skin.

So, if you are cheese lovers, this Tuscan cheeses should be a “must try” food in the list.

P.S. the pic was taken at the Fiera Artigiano in Rho Fiera Milano at a stand of friendly Tuscan owner in the Tuscan Pavilion.

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