Sicilian Pizza

pizza alta
pizza alta

This is another type of Italian Pizza. Pizza is one of the famous alimentations in the world, not only in Italy.

Born and created the first time in Naple, Pizzas have become an important tradition in Italian culture and dishes.

In this pic, you can see the type of thick pizza (Pizza Alta) that comes from Sicily, the South Region in Italy.

Personally, I myself would prefer the thick pizza type to the thin one. But actually, it’s also a matter of preferences. Many would prefer the thin Italian pizza.

But no matter whatever Pizza type we like, it’s one of the greatest dishes we can ever find in the world.

P.S Pic was taken at Fiera Artigiano in Rho Fiera Milano


  1. VisitSiena says:

    delicious 🙂


    1. Dewi Wihardja says:

      indeed, there were a lot of good stuffs from all Italian regions at the Fiera Artigiano 🙂


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