Calabrian Chili

Calabrian Chili

For those fancying spicy food, you’d want to try this Chili type from South Italy, Calabria. Calabrian chili is famous as the spiciest chili you could ever find in Italy.

Some people doubt about the healthy fact of eating Chili. However, as long as it’s taken in a proper amount or as long as you can adapt yourselves or your stomach can accept it, Chili actually gives you amazing health benefits that people still don’t believe.

Eating red chili will help you to get high amount of Vit C and Vit A, help to prevent cancer plus provide you a natural pain-killer.

Even, according to research studies, it’s also useful to help you diet program and help you cure your ulcer. Yes, many people think that it worsens the ulcer patient.

However, Capsaicin contained in red chili actually helps to prevent the development of ulcer as they can kill the bacteria in the stomach.

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