What Makes One Human Different From One Another?

There are so many people sharing and living this world together in different places. We recognize them from where they come from, in this case are the countries they live in or maybe the nationality they have. We also notice that different people believe in different beliefs. They also have different levels of wealth or authority. However, are those things really the way we differentiate one human with one another? Are those what mark every single human on earth? They are definitely not. These are not the right way to differentiate and divide every single human.

The Wrong Perception

How did all of these start? When did the stereotyping of each countries, religions, power or wealth owners start? There’s no absolute answer. Suddenly, we are all living in the period where people can be judged from their nationalities or races, from their beliefs or religions, and from how wealthy or powerful they are.

Nowadays, we often hear the sentences, “This country is a war country. They love to start wars. They love to kill and attack others for their own purposes”. Or another says, “This religion is the belief of violence, anarchy, and fanaticism”. The other saying is, “Never believe rich people and also bosses or even government. They are a bunch of arrogant types who are only interested in gaining more and more profit for their own”. Is it really?

It’s not. These are the wrong perception and stereotypes that have grown a bit too far among the mind of people. It’s not the skins, races or countries that form people and make them love doing bad things. It’s also not the religions or beliefs as it’s crystal clear that there’s no religion that would teach the believers to do anarchism or violence just because some others disagree with them. And it is not power or money that makes someone arrogant. Even if power or authority and money can often blind a human-being, not all are that way.

These wrong perceptions are just our way to make it seem right to judge people and to have negative thinking about others as it seems easier to do so than to acknowledge the good traits that humans have. So then, what can really differentiate one human and another?

Choices, Behaviour, and Personality

Yes, these are the answers, their way of behaving or what choices they are making in their life. To repeat, it’s not certain country, race, religion, or money and power that can make one to turn into bad. It’s how they behave, what they intend to do, and the choices they decide in walking through their path of life.

All people have both dark and bright personality in them. But, which personality is going to win and appear to the surface, or how people are going to behave is a question that should be returned back to each person.

Also, how war is decided to start and how people want to be fanatic, violent, and be an anarchist are the choices they make on their own. It all started from the personality war that first appeared inside one soul that ended with a winner who then decided to start another war outside himself with another person.

So, the only lifetime question is, “which choices are we going to make” or, “how will the war inside ourselves win to lead our next step?” These things are questions that can only be answered by ourselves.

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