What Do You Think About True Love? Does it Really Exist?

Love seems to be very pure, soft, honest, sincere, and whatever seems to lead to happiness. However, do you really believe that true love really exists? Or, at least, do you believe that there are still many true love happenings in the world? I myself can still count them with ten fingers. Love nowadays happens more because of money, physical appearance, authority, and all that should not have to be the main requirements for getting in love.

Money, money, and money! Nobody can live without it. Well, at one side that’s very true since we buy everything with money. On the other hand, when we talk about love, do you think that money can buy love? If it can, I won’t guarantee that it’s really love. Nowadays, more and more people, no matter women and even men, get in love with somebody just because he or she is rich. I don’t say that no money can build a good relationship. However, do you really think that much money can surely bring all the happiness in the world to you? In fact, there are many rich people who smile outside and cry inside while not many people can see it clearly. And some laugh and get happy above others’ sufferings, taking someone else’s lovers just to get more money for themselves. Is this what we call true love?

Beauty, good looking face, cuteness, sexiness seem to be very lovely to look at. Some guys may say, “Wow, she’s hot?” and some girls will say, “Hi handsome”, which sometimes including me of course. However, is this the major importance when someone is trying to look for their true love? Do you actually ever realize that often, prince charming and pretty girls do not really have charming and beautiful character too like their face? I have seen this myself. Handsome face and pretty look do not always have the same pluses in personalities, that they have in their physical appearance. When you decide to build your real love but you just look at this point, mostly you can get is no more than sufferings if you haven’t dug deeper into their personalities and behaviors.

Authority for power and relief sound absolute and true at some points. “Well, he is the boss, what can I say?” Or, “as minister, he will guarantee all my life” are typical sentences I have now often heard lately. It’s true that authority can conquer most aspects in life such as at work, war, government, etc; but is it also conquering in finding love? There is no real love and continuous happiness but fear and threat if it is developed in authority and power. Love, in real, should be sincere, understanding, and caring. Most people now will fall for people who seem to have power and authority since they expect “full protection” for their future. But I don’t think this will always continue to be happily ever after like in Cinderella story and most fairy tales. It’s time to wake up guys.

What I mean to say is not that all of these are unimportant. However, does love really have to be judged mainly based on these? If we do, it’s true as the Black Eyed Peas sing, “Where is the love?” If we do, are you sure that true love still exists now in this world?

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