Paper: Lennon’s Imagine as an Anti-War Campaign

John Lennon’s Imagine as Anti-War Campaign – How the Lyrics Are Intended to Communicate Peace to the Public

The paper will focus on Imagine, one of the most famous songs written by John Lennon, to communicate to the people the support for an anti-war campaign movement. The writer will discuss the song lyrics and try to show how Lennon perfectly express his point of view against the continuous wars that happened during 1960s and 1970s.

The writer will talk the relation between the facts during that era with the way Lennon communicated in the song as during the 1960s and 1970s, no matter the world wars have ended, there had been always the other wars that followed, like the Cold war plus all the wars that were directly and indirectly caused by it such as Vietnam war and another conflict that still continues until present day between Israel  and Palestine.

Moreover, the writer will also invite the readers to observe how strong a song and its lyrics could be to perform an effective communication to its listeners. The paper will see the song as one communication mean to express the songwriter’s feeling to a certain situation, which are continuous different wars that kept happening during the period the song was written.

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