How Strong Do You Believe in Fate Or Destiny?

Fate or destiny? Anybody familiar with these words? What picture do you get when you hear these terms? Through all my life so far, some say that it is nonsense, but some say that it does happen and nobody can escape from it. If you ask me, I say that I believe in it. I don’t state this by no reason. Having faced either some simple evidences or even stronger ones, I can tell you that I have my own reasons to believe it. So, what about you?

The simplest evidence that makes me believe that nobody can avoid anything if it is their fate or destiny is about work. Yes! I am talking about what I am doing now to earn for a living. Guess what?! I now work in a web hosting company that are all about computer technologies and website stuffs, software, and others that are truly new for me since I graduated from English Department, which of course learning computer is only very little part of it. I always told myself that I didn’t want to study what my elder brothers studied (they studied computer) and didn’t want to do what they do. But look at me now, I will be almost no different to them. I know that actually I am just the technical writer of the company and I still use the English language I have been studying in my job. Nevertheless, if I don’t improve my knowledge base in computer technologies, how can I possibly write good articles? So, I can tell you that this is fate. Well, or maybe possibly karma (I also absolutely believe in it) cause I always said “no” to what my brothers do.

Another evidence to share with you? Religion. I had ever changed my religion once. I originally believe in Japanese Buddhism. This is the religion that has spread through all my blood since I was born. However, when I was in Junior High School, about grade 8, I was unstable about this. I thought that I liked and would prefer another religion better than this. But then, after four years, I realized that this is totally not me. I felt something was missing and there was emptiness in me. I tried to hold on it and neglected it. However, after a year, I didn’t think I could keep it again. I knew at that time that this was not what I could go on. That was the rightest time to decide. What’s next? I return to what I shouldn’t have left before. I am now back as a Buddhism believer, which I’m sure is the best I can rely my life on. You can say this is just my own choice, but I do believe this is destiny or fate or whatever it is.

Of course, you can try to achieve, to choose, to get what you desire in life. Everybody should stand on their own feet and put all efforts they can for anything. However, if their fate or destiny doesn’t allow that, they can’t blame anyone if they don’t succeed. Everybody also can choose what they don’t feel like to do or what they don’t feel like to be. Nevertheless, if it is their fate or destiny, I am sure they won’t be able to avoid it. Certainly, all people in this earth have their own fate or destiny to move on.

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