Tomorrow Never Knows

You may know it as one of Beatles’ song titles but I’d say it totally happens on real life! We’ll never know what will happen tomorrow, or, if there’s gonna be tomorrow for us. One second we are here, the other we are nowhere. I am not saying to scare people off my articles or to literally scare people, but that’s life. I am gonna share with you one real time example.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, I was on my way to temple with the best public transportation in Indonesia, Transjakarta. I’m saying the best as the others are absolutely below standard. And this doesn’t mean it is even comparable to MRTs in other countries.

Well anyway, I was just standing inside the bus as there was no seat left. Then all of sudden, a motorcycle cut our line and stopped in front of the bus I was in. As you could have guessed, the driver of the bus preferred to hit the brake to avoid hitting the motorcycle to death but unfortunately, for hitting the brake, our bus got hit by another bus behind.

It caused all standing passengers fell to floor, some to the front part of the bus, including me. One sprained her ankle, some others were traumatized, though I just had my thigh bruised for falling and hitting the front part. Long story short, we could smell the smoke coming out from the back part of bus that was hit by another bus, so we got evacuated.

The point of my story isn’t for asking your symphaty or pity on me. No guys, cause I am lucky nothing really bad happened. I’m just trying to say that all could change at anytime. Once we are good, other time, could be game over.

As life could be game over at anytime, or change 180 degrees in seconds, are we ready ? What I mean isn’t if we’re scared for death though ain’t no question I’m sure 90% of people are. Being ready means, “Have we done something meaningful before leaving?” It’s not only living the fullest for ourselves but more importantly, also living the fullest for others.

It doesn’t have to be directly starting from something very big like helping the United Nation. But we can start from the simplest we can do, from the closest people to us, like our families and friends. We can make them happy, give them smiles, the easiest thing we can do for others though some people may find smiling is difficult. I don’t understand why though.

Then we can continue with something we think is harder to do like removing our hatred to someone if there is because when we hate people, we seem to find bunch of reasons to make it seem right. It’s time for controlling our anger and let our heart grow better.

When we seem to accomplish these that are simple but significant, we can have ourselves do something even bigger for bigger community by time. All we have to do is start doing. Gathering small things will build big things.

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