The Differences Between Advertising and PR Plus How They Help Our Businesses

If we have a business, these tools are very important strategies to develop our business. The basic similarity of these strategies is that they are helping to get the company or business to get known by people, which will be our customers. But they are not that similar from one to another. How can we differentiate them? Let’s have a look.


When we use advertising strategy for our products, it means a strategy that could persuade people (our future costumers) to buy our products and services that we sell by making awareness and showing clearly the benefits of our product. With advertising, we show to people what makes our products and services different from the others. We also show that the difference is relevant to the costumers, to what they really want, and how they can benefit from our products.

It’s a communication tool that we can use to encourage and persuade people to decide to buy our products and services. Advertising is usually repeated continuously to the viewers, readers, or listeners so they will take an action to choose us.

By using advertising, we search to make a continuous increase of our products and services consumption. Advertising can be done through whole kinds of media means such as newspapers, TV, radio, magazine, or even online (internet) advertising, which has been more and more commonly used these days with the technology development.

Public Relation (PR)

And now, let’s move on to Public relation. What is it? Different from advertising, PR is a strategy we use to build our business reputation. We can use it to highlight what our company has achieved during our business period. Using PR strategy is highly effective to create and keep up our reputation in front of the public and people, especially when we are facing a crisis.

For example, if somehow our company reputation has decreased, with a good PR strategy, it’s possible for us to get the reputation back. Why do we have to do this? Not only to bring it back, we can also prove to our customers that we do have goodwill and our company has great concern for public interests and needs.

Public Relation makes sure that there’s good flow of information between our company and the public as our customers. By doing good PR strategies, we can persuade not only the public but also the other parties such as investors, our partners, and other stakeholders to keep a certain point of view about our products or services.

If we also have a website for our business, one of PR strategies we can do is by providing a user-friendly website that has clear information about our business plus also our visions and missions, what we want to reach in our business. Besides, we can also routinely write press releases and send them to the media so the public can get the updates on what exactly we keep doing.

When we use both of the advertising and PR strategies, it means we don’t only sell our products and services but we also want the people (our potential customers) to really know us. By doing these, we could inspire the public to keep using our products and services. And if they are satisfied with the result, they will help us spread our products and services reputation to the people they know, which we know as mouth-to-mouth communication.

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