Important Things to Adapt Before We Move to a Different Country

As a human, for sure we are curious about the life in other countries. We learn about them, we get to know them, and then we might be interested in moving ourselves into a new country to explore new experiences; such as for studying, working, or even for a permanent migration.

However, before we decide too fast about moving, there are actually certain important things to consider for the adaptation as if we don’t do it, we could have some regrets once we move and try start a new life there. What are they?

First, let’s talk about food. Yes! Who can survive living without eating? The answer is none. Food is the main thing that’s different from one country to another. Before we move to a certain country, we have to see if we’re actually able to transform our eating habit that we’ve had since we were born to another way. Of course they might have similar main ingredients like rice or vegetables. But, they also have different spices and techniques in cooking them, not to mention when the other countries have totally different dishes to ours.

For example, in Indonesia, some of the famous types of rice are the yellow rice (made of turmeric, making them called as turmeric rice), Coconut rice, and fried rice. And if we move to a country like Italy, not only they mostly eat Pasta and Pizza for their meals, but they also cook their own rice in a very different way. They do have yellow rice; but, it’s not made of Turmeric. Instead, it’s made of their own ingredient called Zafferano, which is certainly not common to eat in Indonesia.

After food, we must also consider about the culture as we can’t expect that all countries share the same culture. Each has their own cultures. When we have already learned our own culture taught in our families, moving to a country with a totally different culture could be a culture shock.

Take as an example the traditional culture in many Asian countries. For them, it’s very uncommon to kiss a friend on the cheeks when they meet each other. It’s more common for them to just say “hello“, shake hands, or wave hand. However, if we move to more liberal countries, such as in most western countries, kissing cheeks isn’t something weird at all as it is a common culture when they meet friends to say “hello” or “see you”. So, if maybe traditional Asians move to western countries, some of them might still feel surprised or weird to kiss their friends’ cheeks when they hang out or meet each other.

Moreover, there’s also language barrier to face in a new country. We can’t expect to speak our mother tongue in another country unless our mother tongue is English, which is the first main international language used worldwide. However, if we move to a country like Italy, German, China, Japan, or France where each of them has their own languages, we’ll find it harder to speak even in English as many of the citizens still value highly their own languages and are unable to speak English.

We could say that language could be one of the most difficult barriers to adapt when we move to another non-English speaking country. As we need to communicate in the new country for working, studying, or other permanent migration motives, learning the language is highly advisable. At least, we need to study the basic level of the language to have a good communication with the people in the new country.

Nevertheless, we can’t say that all people might find difficulties to adapt to new things when they move to another country. We can assume that they already prepare themselves that if they really want to live in another country, they need to adapt some aspects in their life. Some of us even adapt easily without problem to new stuffs acceptable to adapt.

It’s also actually just a matter of time before we finally adapt ourselves to a new environment different from ours. Sooner or later, we will learn step by step how to adapt ourselves in a new place to live a good comfortable life. Though however, we definitely have to make sure about everything first by checking as completely as possible about the country we want to move in.

We have to make sure if it’s possible for us to change habits such as eating habit and culture or if it’s possible for us to study the language. It is highly suggested to do before we finally make a big decision such as moving, especially if we will move permanently or if we will stay for a long time in the new country.

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