How Do We Treat Our Food and Clean Water Supply?

Food and water are our primary needs. Without them, it’s impossible for us to live. Being blessed with enough food supply and clean water should have been a good thing to be grateful in our life. However, we often forget this. We think that having enough food to eat and having clean water are normal things in life. This thought makes us respect our food and clean water less than we should have actually done. We are so sure that these two basic needs will be available for eternity in our life. How can we know if we respect our food and clean water supply?

It’s simple. Do we always finish the food we have on our plates? If the answer is yes, this means we respect our food and we don’t want to waste any. However, if we have a habit to leave our food and we are unable to finish until the last bite, this means that we respect our food less than we should.

Of course it’s different if the reason is because the food is expired or rotten. If the food could risk our health, it would be more acceptable for not finishing it. But, if it’s still a good food, we should never throw it away, especially if maybe the only reason was that we didn’t like the taste.

It’s the same with clean water. Many of us who have full access to clean water often think that it is a sustainable supply that we’ll have forever. Often, we leave our water tap to drop continuously because we forget to close it carefully or because the pipe leaks and we’re lazy to fix it or lazy to call someone to have it fixed. If this is the case, it means that we also don’t respect our clean water supply and we don’t think that we’re lucky enough to have full access to it.

Other situation is when we often throw our clean drinking water just because the weather is too hot and for some of us, it’s not drinkable anymore as the water becomes warm. This is also disrespectful as there are many other people who would drink the water no matter how warm it is.

But Why Should We Respect More Our Food and Water Supply?

It’s very easy. The answer is that there are still around 800 millions of people in the world who don’t have access to adequate food and nutrition. Plus, around the same number also don’t have access to clean water supply. This huge number of hunger and thirst should have been a consideration to respect our food and water supply.

But unfortunately, we still forget to be grateful about what we have each day.

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