Be Smart and Wise on Vacation

Many people consider that holiday can relax the nerves in muscles, tension, and fatigue caused by daily routines. But, when we don’t maintain healthy habits, relaxing and wonderful holiday might be bad for our own health and stamina. It is important to know what should be done or should be avoided in holidays.

First, if we are traveling long distances such as going abroad, it’s very significant to know in advance the health situation in the country. Surely you are unwilling to visit countries vulnerable to viruses as for example the famous Avian influenza or other danger like nuclear radiation in Japan. They can be definitely too risky for yourselves.

It would be better if you have travel insurance that allows you to receive free medical treatment at your destination. I have a friend who visited Bali who suddenly the vacation, got attacked by insects, causing red marks and lumps on his body. Fortunately, he had his travel insurance so he could have free intensive treatment.

Furthermore, vitamin C is also very useful and helpful during holidays. Get used to taking it because all know vitamin C is very effective in maintaining the immune system. If usually we consume 500 mg of vitamin C per day, we may need higher dose such as 1000mg per day on holiday.

Another bad habit is we are often reluctant to drink much water while on holiday as it will be troublesome if we want to take a pee when visiting beautiful places. This is a huge mistake because when we are outside and have many activities to do, we need to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and maintain the body’s ion balance.

Also never forget if you have personal needs to any particular medicine, you must prepare before departure. Do not assume that, “Later I can buy at the destination.” There is nothing good about experiencing the panic if the medicine we require is not available at the destination.

Junk food has always been the temptation for most people as it is fast, easy, and tasty; despite the fact that it’s totally unhealthy. It is absolutely not advisable to consume junk food during vacation when we clearly need nutrition. So make sure nutrition is number one priority. It would be even more perfect if you also eat fruits as nutritional supplement.

In addition to food, taking adequate rest is also very important as anyway, the main purpose of vacation is relaxation and rest from daily fatigue. Never listen to people who say, “Use every seconds maximally so nothing is missed.”

There is another person who was hyperactive during a holiday in Singapore, from 7 am until 12 am every day to visit all places quickly. But, although all might have been finished in 3 days, I dare to bet the body was tired and sore. Is this what you want on a holiday? Of course not. Stop forcing your own body. Health must be placed at the top of importance.

So, be smart, be wise. And hopefully, these tips will be useful for us all.

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