Italian Christmas Cake


And yes, Christmas is coming in more or less three weeks. People have begun to buy Christmas attributes to celebrate with families. And of course, for this lovely event that comes only once yearly, there are always some special preparations to welcome the happiness, which surely include some particular food for Christmas.

Attached in this blog is one certain Christmas cake made originally by the Italians, Panettone. This is one of the most famous Italian Christmas cakes in the world. It’s called Panettone in its original language. But well, maybe when it gets exported, we can also recognize it as Italian Christmas cake, meaning that it’s originally Italian and it’s specially a Christmas cake.

In Christmas period, this is one of the cakes that people in Italy wait the most and is always sold even from November. Not only it tastes so good, but it also brings the feeling of joyful Christmas around Italy and gives a part of Italian Christmas originality. The varieties can be different from one to another for the fillings. For the one in the photo, it’s specially filled with raisins, but there are also other varieties filled with Canditi, small sweet fruit pieces.

I guarantee you there will be no special Christmas without Panettone around 🙂

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